Join the Journal Club

Join the Journal Club

I have read articles preaching the powers of writing a journal both for work and pleasure. The act of writing is a wonderful thing. It has the power to excite, focus and console all in one simple sweep of a pen.

The Past
I received my first journal in the hazy days of childhood. I remember that it had a gold plated metal lock and key. I was a compulsive writer (and still am!)All I had to do was try not to lose the key.

The Present
It is probably a good thing that  it would take pliers and a soldering iron to prise the relics of my childhood open. My choice of  journal these days is certainly not lockable.

My journals are often gifts from friends, past and present, often given during challenging times of my life.

I don’t like to name drop (Liberty!) but my current journal is the most beautiful notebook I have ever set my eyes on. It has  taken three and a half years to get halfway through my journal. Not that it is a race or anything.

The Future
I started up my journal habit again as part of a free online course I took through the Open University and Futurelearn, “Start Writing Fiction”.  One of the first lessons of the course was taking the time to sit and observe the world around you taking notes of ideas and life experiences and using these as a starting point for your writing projects. I have recently signed up to a scriptwriting course through the BFI so I am looking forward to using my journal to try out ideas. Maybe it is my obsession with indie film soundtracks and really interesting story concepts but I have always wanted to write a script for an independent film.

I am writing in my journal again, albeit sporadically. It is very useful for maintaining focus on my creative and business goals. I don’t have time to write it in it everyday but if I journal  once or twice a week I think that is enough to keep my creative brain ticking over.

Do you keep a journal? How have you benefited from the process? I would love to hear about how your journal inspires and drives your creative projects forward.


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