The Importance of Celebrating Tiny Victories

Celebrate Tiny Victories

The ritual of updating my journal on a daily basis has delivered a life changing realization.

I am appreciating the small things in life so much more and the great thing is these mood boosters are all FREE.

Life is about being the eagle and looking at your life from above and accomplishing your dreams and deepest desires through the act of celebrating tiny victories.

Work productivity seems to be marked by the length of your to do list and how “busy” you are. Soon life can feel like one big contest, with stress and the pressure to be constantly “busy” contributing to an unhealthy state of mind.

It comes as no surprise that it is easy to blur the lines between our private and work lives. Before we know it the pressure becomes too much and it is ultimately us who suffer.

My big tip for you is make a list of all of the things which make you feel motivated, inspired and passionate and pursue them. REALLY pursue them.

Step 1- You Have to Speculate to Accumulate

Go to your computer calendar, iphone or diary and highlight time to make your dream a reality.  Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day so be realistic. Go in with optimism and remember to be kind to yourself.

Step 2- How Do You REALLY Feel? 

Write down how it made you feel to accomplish to work on that goal in your journal. Describe how it made you feel-empowered, overjoyed or even sentimental. This is YOUR project.

Step 3- Are You Planning on Doing it Again? Hell Yes! 

Repeat. Emotions and goal setting are an explosive combination. Don’t forget to relish the wave of happiness along the way.

Feeling inspired? Tell me how you plan to celebrate your tiny victories today! Write a letter,  have a doodle, send an e mail or leave a comment. and let me know how you are celebrating your tiny victories today. 



4 thoughts on “The Importance of Celebrating Tiny Victories

  1. I’m all about tiny victories! Today’s celebrations included finishing tiling part of the kitchen and seeing my baby girl run accross the room to greet me and Dadi as we picked her up from nursery.

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