How to Succeed at Being Human

How to Suceed at being Human

Today is April Fools Day. A day of pranks and folly and also a day for serious introspection. The summer equinox has begun and as March transitions into April we are a quarter of the way through 2015.

FACT.We are halfway through the second decade of the twenty first century. 

I am in my mid-twenties, my transition from child to adolescent and now adult is complete and it is time to get accountable for my own life and ambitions. That was why my New Years resolution was one word. Illuminate. I want to illuminate the way for you, myself and my readers.

Yes, I am an introspective Human Being but who Isn’t? 

*Unless you are a robot you can definitely identify with this scenario.

I  was recently thinking of the past ten years of my life in the early hours of morning. The ghostlike colourful blasts of memories swam in and out of my concious vividly, in a way which being half asleep at 4:30 am can only do. I saw and heard friends I hadn’t encountered in years, music which evoked deep sadness and intense happiness all at the same time and amongst the confusion of it all one realisation hit me.

I had no way of putting these thoughts into sequence. Sure, age is a defining factor but  what about the day to day, month to month experiences of life we take for granted? 

1.Don’t Lose Sight of What was and is REALLY important to You

If you could ask your inner child what you want MOST in the world for your life what would they say. Apart from a bike, a slide or a game console you would probably say spending time with your  closest family members or just being plain old happy. That is why I put happiness and practicalities at the core of all my decisions. It is not about being airy fairy it all comes down to asking a simple question.

How can I create a practical realistic outcome whilst maximising my happiness? 

2. Write Down Everything that you are Grateful For

Education. Food. Shelter. A Loving family. A great circle of friends. A child who ADORES you. The monotony of everyday life can cast a shadow over your life which can suck the happiness out of the most simple of activities. (If you are a Harry Potter fan you get this reference)

Write this up onto a list and pin it to your wall or incorporate it into your journal writing routine. 

3. You are Never Too Busy to Say “I Care”

You may live miles away from your family or have insane work commitments which swallow up your whole day. A simple note which says “I Love You” or an e mail checking in with those who mean most to you can make you feel better about a whole lot of things in life. Humans need social support to thrive.

Note to self: The Grandest Gestures Don’t Cost Anything. They Are FREE. 

4. Be Kind to Yourself (And Others)

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Plato

Kindness starts from within and once you start looking at yourself and the battles you face on a daily basis you start to see how others are facing similar battles to yourself. Don’t judge.

5.Yes my friend. Happiness is how you succeed at being human. 

How are you going to review your first quarter of 2015 and move forward in a HAPPIER frame of mind? Write down three things you are grateful for RIGHT NOW and how are you going to improve your happiness for April. Don’t forget to leave a comment or e mail me to say how you are getting on.

*It could be on a napkin, a cereal box or a new update on Evernote. Time is of the essence.


9 thoughts on “How to Succeed at Being Human

  1. Thanks for the reminder to be human before anything else! Often times we get busy in our day-to-day existence and don’t stop and be grateful for what we have and take care of ourselves enough. I’ll definitely be giving this some thought today!

    1. I am so glad that I have made you think of life from a human perspective. Sometimes we need a gentle reminder that we are human and we have needs which we NEED to prioritise to be happy and fulfilled in our lives.Keep me posted and good luck! 🙂

  2. I LOVE what you said about the grandest of gestures being free. This is so true and we often forget it! Thanks for posting 🙂

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