4 Life Rules That Will Transform Your Life

4 Life Rules Which will Transform Your Life
Photo taken by Guy Kawasaki at Federal Palace Restaurant in Hong Kong



“If you stumble make it part of the dance.”


We have so many people exerting influence on us in our lives. As prisoners of other peoples expectations we have bought a ticket to the roadhouse blues. Luckily that ticket doesn’t have to be one way.

How do you turn that frown upside down? By asking ourselves on a daily basis whether our people pleasing actions are facilitating or  in effect draining you of the energy to pursue your life dream.

*That is what life is about right? 

What makes you feel  wholeheartedly excited about life? In other words what gets the old adrenaline going and your imaginations fired up to the possibilities of life?

Rule #1 

Do what gets your heart PUMPING! 

I may be taking a certain classic eighties film out of context here but nobody puts your dreams in the corner. 

Take two minutes to write down what you want to do with your life and any steps you will have to do to make it a reality. It could be creating a funky magazine,  starting a blog, researching a degree course-its your DREAM so make it BIG.

LIFE TIP-Don’t let the negative thoughts surrounding your current situation drag you down.

Rule #2

Become an Active Optimist (even if it is just for ten minutes a day)

Not everyone is a natural l optimist but the trick is to combine that optimism with a dash of hearty realism during active planning.

Active planning is asking yourself what is achievable during a set time period. You may think oh there are far too many demands on my day to make my dream a reality and give up right here right now but the optimistic realist would plan how they can slot in fifteen minutes of active planning and doing on a daily basis.

Rule #3

Don’t Dwell on What Others May or May Not Think of You

Don’t cripple your dream before you have put pen to paper or finished your business plan. Successful plans start in the mind so dedicate ten minutes a day to a spot of psychological spring cleaning.

My personal strategies including mindfulness and a flick through my journal to revisit the positive effects I have had on other peoples lives. It could be anything, from donating to charity to a few good deeds you have performed for  family and friends in the past.  Concentrate on how it makes you feel to read about these achievements and transfer this positive energy into your life work.

If all else fails try and look at yourself objectively. Ask someone you trust to make a list of all the positive effects you have had on their lives. 


Rule #4

Buddy Up With a Like-Minded Friend for some Accountability

Make sure you choose someone you can trust to give constructive feedback to be your accountability partner. You may not have the same business idea but I can guarantee you will learn something new. We all have different experiences and  we develop valuable skills along the way. They might have knowledge of finance, law or the latest light room program or just be more sales savvy.

If you are feeling particularly adventurous why not create your own mastermind group, hire a business coach or look for a mentor? 




4 thoughts on “4 Life Rules That Will Transform Your Life

  1. Number 3 is so true! If you worried too much about what other people thought in your personal or business life, the you’d never get anything done. Everyone has different opinions, you can not control others thoughts, and at the end of the day I never judge others and I have zero concern for those who would like to judge me! 😉

    Stevie x

    1. Exactly! The most important view is YOUR own perception of your work because it is your labour of love that you are putting out there for all the world to see. Keep up the great blog Stevie! You have definitely inspired me 🙂

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